At Tiffin Gourmet, we believe access to good food should be made easy. 


A food manufacturing firm, we specialise in quality pre-finished food products that are big on taste. Our B2B model focuses on multiple distribution streams – Hotels, Restaurants, Café chains (HORECA), schools and even childcare centres. We produce ready-to-cook (RTC) and ready-to-eat (RTE) meals that are prepared with the “Quick freeze” or “Quick chill” method, which involves rapid chilling of cooked food in order to retain their flavour and texture, as well as extending their shelf life for storage.

Our products will enable HORECA businesses and other large-scale outfits to serve a large number of people without the hassle of preparing meals from scratch.

As part of our promise to create easy access to good food to businesses all over the world, Tiffin Gourmet is in the midst of securing its Halal certification to serve wider audiences. Backed by investments in product research and development, it is well-poised to create, rigorously test and launch new and exciting products while ensuring health and safety standards are met.  

The team


Our kitchen is headed by Chef Nick, who has over 20 years of food & beverage experience. Having helmed a variety of positions in cafes, restaurants and in the catering scene, Chef Nick is well-attuned to the needs of consumers as well as businesses who serve them. 

Chef Nick believes in dishing out high quality meals that are both nutritious and affordable. He drives the day-to-day operations in the kitchen to ensure that, and also devotes his time to various research & development projects. He is supported by a culinary team that boasts strong backgrounds in the kitchens of hotels and restaurant chains. 

Our capabilities 


At 8,000 square feet, our kitchen is built for large-scale operations. It is able to produce more than 50 tons of food monthly, which makes up to about 100,000 adult meals per month. All our equipment are specially chosen to process large volumes:

  • Pressure cooker
  • Bratt pan
  • Boiling kettle (500L)
  • Rotary oven
  • Dough sheeter
  • Roll-in blast chiller

By integrating automation equipment and automating process lines, Tiffin Gourmet is able to achieve higher levles of efficiency in production, higher volume of output and higher quality and consistency of products. 

We also believe in nuturing the right eating habits.

Tiffin Gourmet is proud to be endorsed as a partner under the Healthier Dining Programme (HDP), an initiative by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) to increase the availability and accessibility of healthier food and drink options in Singapore.

As a HDP partner, Tiffin Gourmet is committed to healthier food options in our menu offerings, which are endorse by HPB and clearly labelled to enable consumers to make better choices. In addition, as a HPB- certified caterer, we currently provide Healthier Children’s Meals to over 40 preschools in Singapore. With a well-curated menu featuring a variety of wholegrains, healthier oils and sauces, we want children to have the right nutrients and cultivate healthy eating habits as they grow and develop in their early years.

Our facility

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