Preschool Tuckshop

We are your answer to easy food solutions for preschools.


Our menus are specially designed to expose little palates to the wonderful tastes and textures of different cuisines, as we ensure that the nutritional value of these meals cater to their growing needs. 

Parents and children alike will be delighted at the range we offer. Besides variety, we also well-poised to cater to different dietary needs. Vegetarian, allergen-free and gluten-free menus are available upon request. 

With no MSG and preservatives used in the cooking process, our meals are also low in sodium and sugar, and more than meet standards under Health Promotion Board’s Healthy Meals in Preschool Programmes standard. Our dedicated team of chefs supervise the production process to ensure quality and flavour is consistently delivered.



We are your answer to perfecting the meals you serve, in half the amount of time needed.


Our range of ready-to-cook items consists of soup stocks, sauces and stews, which we understand can be labour intensive and time consuming to make from scratch in your kitchens. From that to popular mains and desserts that end-consumers love, our recipes go through strict taste tests and constant tweaks to ensure quality is always delivered.

With that, we are more than ready to supply to hotels, restaurants and cafes. Let us be that extra pair of hands in your kitchen, so you can focus on the other things that matter for your business.


Food Product Research & Development



We are your answer to bringing your ideas to life. 


Together with you, our experienced research & development team is always ready to create new recipes and tweak them to perfection. Supported by cutting-edge food technology, we will ensure products are rigorously tested, while meeting all health and safety standards.

Besides developing new food products, we are also committed to help you scale your production. Our kitchen, with all its equipment designed for output in large capacities, can surely more than meet your needs. 

As part of its commitment to quality, Tiffin Gourmet is in the process of upgrading its ISO22K certification.

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